Let's Scribbler

Just found something very fun . Come on let's try it

Icon chair

I use my old couch. And fix it by my print canvas (about 8 m.) It's about a little icon that live in his world :p


Many part

Another modert retro (again) this one have many stuff and a lot of layer. If you look carefully.


Here is my circuit style. This is for my printting bag.

About my brother

Here is my brother blog. He's photographer. (this post is for duty)

Who is this guy

Another retro stuff (this one is for poster) It's a bit modern and digi art. First I just go with the dot and then I thought it just miss some thing So this guy came up (I don't know where he came from my mine)

Thing's change

3 version of vaspa . Change mood by themself ???

The old stuff

I think is about 4 year's ago .It's embroidery,quilt and patch work techinque.
I don't have much time for this work.(have to finnish in 5 day) So that why it don't seem to like
my sketch. (this piece is killing me (T_T) my finger was so hurt when is done)

Some of my past

Here is some of my work about 4 year ago.(I think) It's canvas printing by screen techinque.
Concept is about way of city life that be sleep, work and eat. (mostly work)(-_-)


Ok. This is my first time here. So my first post is gonna be something about my type of work. Most of my work is textile thing for cloth,bag,furniture. Any way I thing I do alot of pop art stuff. So feel free to tell me what you want to see(I'm gonna try to up every week)